How to play Valorant like a PRO player?

It’s been one full year and a half since Valorant’s official release in June 2020. Whether you started playing with the initial release or sometime afterwards, it’s nice to look back and think how far you’ve come. Are you still relatively new, an amature, decent, pretty darn good or pro level now? Valorant mixed in a variety of delightful elements, both old and new for its player base. That’s not to say you can’t play better from the start either. All you need is to combine Valorant elo boost and our Tips from Pro players to enhance your gaming experience!


Below is a comprehensive compilation of the best tips you can utilize to play like a Pro, as stated by the professionals themselves! Engrave these into your mind and you’ll notice the improvement faster than think~

  1. Your Crosshair

Every player is different, so it’s important to adjust your crosshair to best suit you. Choose a color that will instantly catch your attention and customize it’s structure to work with your best gun types and shooting patterns. Try to go for a smaller one to enhance accuracy and facilitate your headshot rates. You can also try using the Crosshair settings of notable Pro players.

Crosshair placement is equally important, the maps of Valorant have details that help with this. Load into a Custom and walk around with your favorite gun in hand, notice the details that help you determine the Head level. Note that all Agents have the same height to support this!

  1. Know your Aim and Recoil Patterns

Jump right into the Range with your customized Crosshair and try out various Mouse Sensitivities. Once again, this differs according to your playstyle, and here you may notice your various strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing the recoil of different guns, preferably your guns of choice, allows you to better understand how to control it and go for that decisive headshot. Pros advise that you master shooting via mouse taps rather than spraying.


  1. Mange your Creds

Effective management of Creds by the whole team is important for seizing victory. Every Buy round, you need to purchase a Gun, all or part of your Abilities, Full Armor and maybe a Gun for a teammate, all while saving enough to buy for the next round.

Eco rounds, typically the first and second rounds of a Half, allow you to save up Creds to full buy on the next. If you’re resourceful and clever, snagging a weapon off a fallen enemy is ideal.

Half Buy rounds are also important, like in the second round of a Half, as it’ll give you an edge over the enemy and not leave you entirely defenseless. Certain heroes excel at being frugal, thanks to the nature of their Abilities like Reyna, Jett, Chamber, etc.

  1. Know the Pistols, Guns and Abilities

Work on your aim and try out every gun in the Range, DeathMatches or even in Unrated game modes. This is also great for understanding the best ranges for each gun, damage numbers and Recoil patterns.Each Pistol and Gun are different, having various ups and downs. Adjust your playstyle accordingly and set up the ideal environment for yourself.

Different abilities can tank a certain amount of damage (Sage’s Wall, KJ’s Bots, Skye’s Animals, etc.), knowing just how many shots you need to take them out is important and can change the tide of battle significantly. The same is true for Damage dealing abilities.

  1. Take the Agents for a Spin

The Agent roster is ever expanding at its own pace. Unlock them and try them all out. You might find that you’re better with a certain Agent than others. Duelists, Controllers, Sentinels and Initiators, try playing all the roles and know exactly what all of their Abilities do. To best counter an enemy, you need to know that enemy.

If you like a new Agent, get a Guide and learn everything there is to know about in order to utilize their Abilities to the maximum. You will better understand certain predictable movements by different Agents and go for a quicker kill.

Go into a Custom and try out different Abilities in various maps, use them to lure enemies out and throw them out of position. Don’t forget to keep track of your Ultimate. Last of all, don’t be too cheap with Abilities, especially the Signature, manage and use them whenever you deem best.

  1. Movement

Last but not least, your movements are more influential in the game than you may think. Know when to run and walk. If you are at a distance from which enemies won’t hear you, if you’re on the clock, if allies need you or if you need to make a distraction, RUN. If you’re looking to sneak up, not alert enemies or hold a strategic position, WALK. Remember that running with your Knife in hand is faster.

Strafe (switching positions in between shooting) in order to avoid getting headshot and better manage your recoil. Crouch shoot to bring your head level lower. Try Run and Gun if you’re sure of where your first 5-9 bullets will go, note that this mechanism works better with high fire rate Guns.

Your movements must be dictated via communication, coordination, solid map callouts (know all the Map callouts and best angles) and team synchronization. Know that an ally has a better shot if you distract the enemy? Go for it! Valorant is a team game and it’s all about winning one round at a time.


Thus concludes this Article on How ro Play Valorant like a Pro! There are many micro areas for improvement in this FPS game and all of that cannot be put into one single article. We hope this guide helped you walk away with some useful pointers and ultimately up your gameplay experience. Thanks for reading!