How to play Valorant like a PRO player?

It’s been one full year and a half since Valorant’s official release in June 2020. Whether you started playing with the initial release or sometime afterwards, it’s nice to look back and think how far you’ve come. Are you still relatively new, an amature, decent, pretty darn good or pro level now? Valorant mixed in a variety of delightful elements, both old and new for its player base. That’s not to say you can’t play better from the start either. All you need is to combine Valorant elo boost and our Tips from Pro players to enhance your gaming experience!


Below is a comprehensive compilation of the best tips you can utilize to play like a Pro, as stated by the professionals themselves! Engrave these into your mind and you’ll notice the improvement faster than think~

  1. Your Crosshair

Every player is different, so it’s important to adjust your crosshair to best suit you. Choose a color that will instantly catch … Read the rest